Testimonials and Photos

"Amani's dance classes are the highlight of my daughter's week. Amani has a beautiful manner with the children and she creates an environment that is both playful and structured. I have not only seen my daughters dancing skills develop but her listening and observing skills too. Each week I watch my daughter feel proud, powerful and overflow with a sense of achievement. Highly recommended." Catherine Moore.

"My daughter loves her lessons at Little Dancers, which have been such a lovely start for her to the ballet and dance world. Amani has a world of dancing experience and has taught Sarah not just about dancing but given her confidence, a love of music and improved her listening skills, balance and coordination. Thank you, Amani, for being the truly beautiful and elegant person you are, and for showing my daughter such posture, poise and grace.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Little Dancers."  Kylie Fairhall

"Amani creates a magical world for the kids,

engaging them naturally so that they have lots of fun while learning to move their bodies.

My daughter loves Little Dancers so much!"  Mimi Lennon.

"Creative and lots of fun. My daughter has learnt the basics of Ballet whilst letting her imagination fly!" Antonia Irwin.

"Creative and lots of fun. My daughter has learnt the basics of Ballet whilst letting her imagination fly!" Antonia Irwin.

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"The Little Dancers class has been such an amazing experience for my daughter. Over the past two years she has looked forward to Tuesday afternoons with excitement and delight. She has gained so much confidence and enjoyment from the classes and I can't thank Amani enough for being such a kind, caring, and nurturing teacher".  Belinda Church


"Amani has been so patient and wonderful with Ruby in Little dancers dance class.

Ruby loves coming every week and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend!"

Jess Pudney.

"Amani's class is one that makes the girls happy and confident allowing them to pick up the classical ballet positions with ease.

I would recommend her class to anyone."

Laurie Johnston.

"My 3 year old adores Amani and her class. It is the highlight of her week.

She loves it so much she pretends to be a ballet teacher and repeats the class for us at home."  Tarni Flinn.


"My 3 year old absolutely loves dancing with Amani! The way she teaches is beautiful and the girls have a lovely time".  Tracey Elliott.

"We love Amani's classes, it's a soft casual introduction to Ballet. Amani has a wonderful way with the children." Toni Mills.

"Little dancers is a magical dance class for little ones. Amani is a graceful and beautiful teacher, she combines imagination with dance to make a world of wonder for the children. My 4 year old has been a student with Amani for a year now, and loves her class. It is a great way for children to learn to interact with each other and a teacher in a small group and in a fun way."  Lisa Hagan.

"My daughter absolutely loves dancing with Amani, it is her favourite time of the week.

She is learning the basics of dance in a fun and relaxed environment". 

Leanne Stevens.