Timetable 3-6 yrs


3-6yrs Class Timetable for 2018

For enrolments please contact Emily on 0448 943 900 or email info@littledancers.net.au, Thank you!

If we are not able to accommodate your preference please let us know and we can place you on a waitlist and let you know when a place becomes available. 

Time table below is current as of the 15th November.

Term 4 availability.

Tuesday Mornings    

 9.30am    3-4 years   Class Full    

10.00am   3-4 years    1 place available 

10.30am   4-6 years    1 place available


Tuesday Afternoons

3.30pm   5 & 6 years    Class Full

4.00pm   4 & 6 years    1 place available


Wednesday Mornings 

 9.30am  3-4 years     Class Full

10.00am  4-6 years    Class Full


Thursday Mornings  

 9.30am   3-4 years   Class Full

10.00am  4-6 years   Class Full

10.30am  3-4 years   Class Full


TERM DATES for 2018

Term 4 - 15th October until 21st December


Students are welcome to enrol at anytime the term. We offer Pro rata rates after the term has commenced.

If your preferred class time is not available please let us know and we can put you on a waiting list.