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Welcome to Little Dancers!

Pre School ages classes from 3 to 6 years.



Classes offer a gentle introduction to the world of Dance. 

Emphasis is on engaging and nurturing children through creativity,

imagination and playfulness whilst developing a strong technical foundation.

Please see our 2018 term 3 timetable below

3-4 years

Tuesday       9.30am    Class Full

Wednesday  9.30am   Class Full

Thursday      9.30am   Class Full

Thursday     10.30am  Class Full


4-6 years  

Tuesday        10.00am  3 places available

Tuesday        10.30am  2 places available

Wednesday  10.00am   1 place available

Thursday      10.00am    Class Full

5-6 years 

Tuesday   3.30pm  2 places available 

Tuesday   4.00pm  Class Full